Retail Mattresses

Why buy from Wolf Comfort Products when you can buy direct?  Good question!  Have you ever had trouble getting hold of your salesman who has many lines that he represents?  Have you had trouble getting through to the factory office to get an answer, any answer?  Depending on how large you are may depend on how often you see your salesperson.

With Wolf Comfort Products, you will see me once a week (like it or not).  I will work with your salespeople, so they know how to promote our bedding.  I’ll get through to the factory and get you answers.

Our line is complete from a 7” mattress to a 15” mattress.  We have a full line of two-sided mattresses as well as hybrid and all memory foam mattresses.  Generally, we deliver within two weeks, with drivers who care.

Call Ron Wolf at (215) 918-1547 and get a guaranteed call back within 24 hours.