Custom Mattresses


With over 65 years of making American's finest mattresses, we can now supply you directly from our "State of the Art" factories, with a variety of comfort and support combinations, in standard or custom sizes, and all at our rock bottom factory wholesale prices.

This means, that we can make premium quality mattresses, for your truck's sleeper cab, your boat, or your recreational vehicle, in exactly the size, shape, support and comfort combination, you'll love, at our direct factory wholesale prices.

We can make innerspring or foam. The cover fabric can be quilted to foam, Dacron layers, or it can be built in a Hypalon nylon cover that is washable and laughs at stains or soil.


SPECIAL SIZES are NO PROBLEM for us. We have been doing custom sizes for over 30 years.   Need a 84" round bed, a mattress for your great-grandmother's antique bed, or just a custom boat or RV mattress, WE do them.

RV and TRACTOR TRAILER mattresses can be done in either innerspring or foam. Driving for a living is tough enough, don't you deserve a good night's rest, so you can be ready for the next shift. ANTIQUE BEDS, with cut corners are done in memory foam, latex or high density polyurethane foam.

For your boat, need the sides beveled or a center cut-out.   Your forward cabin is a sort of triangle, while the aft cabin is more like a normal mattress, NO PROBLEM.   Do you need to make sure the bottom is waterproof, though you want the top to be like your mattress at home, NO PROBLEM.     We can use latex, memory foam or high density polyurethane foam. Why should you be any less comfortable on your boat then you are when sleeping at home. In fact you should be MORE comfortable, you are on vacation!

Delivery or pick-up will be determined at the time of the purchase. We require a template or for a minimum charge we will come out and measure for you.   We require full payment at the time as materials will be ordered and cut for your specific mattress, based on the measurements.

For more information and rock bottom pricing call Allen or Ron Wolf at 215-918-1547 or e-mail us at