Why should I buy from Wolf Comfort Industries since it is not a brand name? Why go to Wawa for coffee and not Starbucks? You want quality and value. You want choice and the ability to ask for help when you need it. You get all these things at Wolf Comfort Industries .

What's all this I hear and read about memory foam mattresses? Memory foam mattresses are not for everyone, but it is for those who like a little softer mattress without the firm feel of coils. All our memory foam is ‘kool-gel’ memory foam, so you won’t wake up hot and not feeling well rested.

Why do I need to buy a box spring? The box spring on foundation is what supports your mattress. We don’t ‘force’ you to buy one, but it will help keep your mattress performing the way it should.

Does it depend on how I sleep for what mattress I purchase? Yes, stomach sleepers need a firm mattress, so their backs do not ‘hammock’. Side and back sleepers can sleep on almost any mattress. Remember the pillow is an important part of getting a good night sleep too.

What's the mattress for me? Only you can be the judge for that. No machine that ‘maps’ your body or a salesperson can tell by looking at you can get it right. They may be educated guessers but that’s all they are. You need to test all mattresses before you know it is right for you.